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The Agency for Economic Development

The Agency for Economic Development

Vichy Val d’Allier Development is the economic development agency of the consolidated community of Vichy Val d’Allier.

It assists companies in the location and development phase in the Vichy Val d’Allier area (identifying locations, networks, partners), and offers support and assistance of investors and project stakeholders, linking all partners including local governments, state agencies, consular institutions, companies, financial groups, etc.).

The Agency also works to promote the community's resources at conventions and events for economic advancement as well as project prospecting, especially targeting commercial sectors related to the economy of the labor pool.

In terms of information and economic communication, every year the Agency produces the Economic Directory of the Vichy Area, tallying more than 2,500 business contacts and useful addresses for the labor pool. It also manages the following websites:

  1. www.vichy-economie.com
  2. www.bioparc.com (dedicated to the zone whose activities focus on health-beauty-physical fitness-biomedical industries)
  3. www.atrium-vichy.com (dedicated to the tertiary activity zone)
Telephone +33 (0)4 70 96 57 80
Email vvadeveloppement@vichy-economie.com
Address 9, place Charles de Gaulle - BP 52 337 – 03203 Vichy Cedex - France