A personalized care !

  • Revealing your "health and beauty capital" at Vichy Spa Hotel Les Célestins

Seriously Thermal, Infinitely Spa

Revealing your "health and beauty capital".

Our Spa hotel, set in magnificent grounds studded with « Remarkable Trees » is the perfect place for re-energising body and mind, in a deep and lasting way. On the banks of the river Allier, the tradition of combining « Signature » treatments using Vichy thermal water, with advanced health and beauty expertise runs deep at the Vichy Spa Hôtel Les Célestins.
« Seriously Thermal, Infinitely Spa »…


The many recognised benefits of Vichy thermal water are combined with the active properties of vegeto-mineral muds (kaolin from the Vichy basin) to achieve optimum results in our « Signature » treatments.


Our approach is authentic and different ; we partner our guests, enabling them to play an active role in their health and beauty. Consultations with our specialists and doctors in the Healthcare Centre, eating for « pleasure and balance », « Signature » treatment rituals designed to be really effective, personalised workouts, special talks and individually-tailored treatments such as Slimming, Detox, Digital Detox, Backache, Menopause and Teint Célestins. To help both men and women get more from Vichy’s wealth of expertise, the Spa has teamed up with the famous Laboratoires Vichy brand. Let yourself be guided towards your ideal skin, with L’Institut des Laboratoires Vichy !

Personalised assistance for a unique experience of wellness

Aline Pélage and Anne Leroux are in charge of the Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins, assisted by the experts of the Pôle Santé – doctors, dietitians, physiotherapists, osteopaths, gynecologists – treatment therapists, sports coaches and a welcome team.
These two women, both born in Vichy, are in charge of your "fitness, beauty and wellness". Working in unison and complicity, they supervise their teams and develop the innovative and efficient treatment protocols dispensed at the Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins

First of all, an initial meeting will determine your specific treatment programme...
"This initial meeting serves as an opportunity to present ourselves and show clients around the exceptional areas that make up the Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins. Devoted to your health, beauty and fitness, our philosophy "Seriously Thermal, Infinitely Spa" is very important to us to re-balance your body and calm your mind for a true "self-renewal".
We explain how your treatment programme will be personalized by professionals at the Vichy Thermal Spa, in consideration of your health and beauty objectives. If you are following a health programme, we will give you your Health Passport and explain its objective and use.
You will also learn about the expertise we offer in our treatments by the unique Institut des Laboratoires Vichy and all our services.
Naturally, throughout your entire stay we are always ready to answer your needs.

And finally, when your cure is finished, we are here to listen to your suggestions and comments to enable us to enhance ou offer and satisfy our clients to an even greater extent..."

For more information, download our magazine :  www.vichy-spa-hotel.com/brochure-magazine