An exclusivity !

  • The Pôle Santé - Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins

The Pôle Santé

Medicine and wellness at your service.

In exclusivity, the Vichy Spa Hotel Les Célestins offers a highly qualified Pôle Santé consisting of a multi-skilled medical team in a privileged setting.

Attached to the Vichy Thermal Spa, the Pôle Santé les Célestins, boasting a 700 m2 technical space as well as medical and para-medical specialities, is a health centre focusing on prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of chronic conditions. It also proposes medical check-ups, diagnoses and organises mid and long-term programmes for all patients wishing to play an active part in their health. Based on integrative medical practices, the best treatments of Western scientific medicine and certain additional traditional approaches are dispensed. Focusing on prevention and the maintenance of health, it centres on the different areas of lifestyle: eating habits, physical exercise, stress management and emotional well-being. The medical centre responds to the needs of our national and international clientele, in consultations and/or specialized treatments within the framework of a stay devoted to prevention, in the heart of a relaxing and restful environment.

Customised Care

Each client is under the care of a doctor who will adapt and refine treatments based on the results of the consultation, thus enabling the optimum ion health care or well-being during the stay. New hightech programmes in Anti-age, Remise en Soi (accompaniment for women in total remission from breast cancer). In addition, osteopathic sessions are dispensed in the Vichy Thermal waters to increase the efficacy of the treatments. A whole range of programmes exclusive to the Pôle Santé les Célestins.