The heritage of good taste...

  • Restaurant Vichy, Bistrot des Célestins

Bistro Restaurant

An imaginative menu inspired by the local ingredients of the region.

"Bistro" tradition and spirit

Open the door of Le Bistrot des Célestins and you will be immersed in the atmosphere of a traditional French restaurant. It's a genuine treat for lovers of French tradition. You'll enjoy the bistro's tiling, woodwork and the essential counter bar. Sit back, relax in one of the leather booths, and let the delights on the menu tempt you. On the menu of Le Bistrot des Célestins, you'll find traditional cuisine highlighting local products.

At the bistro, enjoy a king's feast!


Timeless French recipes are revisited, blending authentic and modern techniques. The Chef invites you to share his love of tradition and hospitality.

Surrender to the temptations of the Bourbonnais red label Charolais beef or the home-smoked salmon, accompanied by a glass of regional wine chosen for you by our sommelier. You may make your selections à la carte or try one of the chef's suggestions of the day.

Do you prefer fare that is lighter, but still delicious?

Well, eating well can still be dietetic! We can prove it to you! Our traditional restaurant belongs to the movement of "Gourmet Flavor, Culinary Pleasure, and Good Health," offering light and flavorful cuisine options. Working closely with the Centre Nutritionnel de Vichy, the Chef includes dietetic, balanced, and tremendously flavorful fare on the menu. This fare is particularly appreciated by businessmen and businesswomen!

Le Bistrot des Célestins, located in the city center of Vichy right in the Hôtel Les Célestins*****.The restaurant's terrace is nestled in a verdant setting.

The terrace facing the park reflects a genuine art of living: good cuisine, convivial atmosphere, and a natural and peaceful setting. Perfect for a dinner shared by friends, by a romantic couple, by business associates, or as part of a family weekend, this traditional restaurant suits all occasions.