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Restaurant Le N3

Experience a unique culinary journey. A healthy and creative cuisine, the natural mineral water Vichy Célestins.

A table reputed for its healthy culinary creativity that pays tribute to Vichy Célestins mineral water and a sublime panoramic terrace for a multitude of pleasure.

Balanced flavours

ESPA innovation awards Vichy Célestins cuisineOrchestrated by our chef Christophe Vauthier and advised by dietitians, the menu combinescreativity, gastronomy and lightness for a balanced, flavoursome cuisine that features re-invented regional dishes.

The secret of his cuisine? Alongsidecareful seasoning and cooking at low temperatures,the recipes created by both the chef Christophe Vauthier and the pastry chef Sébastien Bonnamour employ Vichy Célestins natural mineral water, rich in minerals and bicarbonates, as cooking water and in dessert preparations.

Whether at the sunny or shady tables of the vast garden terrace, or partaking in a business lunch or intimate meal in the private lounge, the same inventive menu is proposed, with for example as starter, Crab Slices with grilled vegetables and tapenade, followed by sweetbread with truffle, served with celery cooked in Vichy Célestins. For dessert, let yourself be tempted by the mango tatin or a selection of Vichy Célestins ice-creams and sorbets…

To season your dishes with additional mineral salts while reducing the amount of table salt by 40%, you will find salt mills on each table containing Thermal mineral salt. To quench your thirst, draught Vichy Célestins water is served in a vintage glass bottle.


An exceptional environment in the heart of our terraces

During the summer months,delight in a sunny lunch or starlit dinner, comfortably settled on the hotel terraces in the tranquillity of an oasis of greenness. The ideal spot to taste a cocktail at aperitif time or nighttime digestif… Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, consume in moderation.

Information et reservations

  • HOTEL LES CELESTINS 5* +33(0)4 70 30 82 00.

We inform our guests that pets are allowed in the hotel, but are not allowed in restaurant & blue note bar. Thank you for your understanding.​