Flavorful and light dining options

  • Gourmet Restaurant - Vichy Spa Hôtel Les Célestins - France

Restaurant Le N3

The lighter side of fine gourmet cuisine.

Light gourmet food at the N3

Light haute-gastronomy at the N3Mouth-watering flavorsome, healthy and wellbalanced meals await you at the heart of the luxuriant and verdant Parc Napoleon III. Sunny or shady tables welcome you in the garden, or opt for the private lounge for businesslunches or intimate dinners. Concocted by our Chef, the menus proposed by the restaurants adhere to the three themes of New, Nutritive and Natural that focus on healthy seasoning, low-temperature cooking methods and the number of calories.

The restaurant's terrace is nestled in a verdant setting.

Verdant and peaceful terrace of the gastronomic restaurant, le N3, in VichyA perfect and refined setting, the terrace is nestled within the Napoléon III Park. The shaded table is elegantly set and is waiting to take you on a dietetic gourmet escapade. The private salon will be an ideal setting for a private business lunch.

Wake up your senses in a haven of nature.

The plush and romantic atmosphere will make your romantic dinner an unforgettable occasion. Le N3 takes the Art of Well-being to new heights.

Where did the restaurant get the name Le N3?

Inspired by his "gourmet dietetic" creative and elegant cuisine, the Chef reinvented the gourmet restaurant and created le N3. The name features the letter "N" to the third power for New, Nutrition, and Natural. The name also recognizes Napoléon III, who contributed to the rise of the city of Vichy.