Flavour, Pleasure and Health

  • Health cuisine with Vichy Célestins mineral water, an ESPA and Nutridor trophies

Restaurant Le N3

Discover the menu of Le N3 restaurant.

Healthy culinary creativity

Concocted by our Chef, Christophe Vauthier and supervised by dieticians of Les Célestins Health Clinic, the restaurant Le N3 cuisine (Vichy restaurant) adhere to the three themes of New, Nutritive and Natural. Let you tempt by the cuisine with Vichy Célestins mineral water that focus on healthy seasoning and low-temperature cooking methods. The health cuisine was awarded an ESPA trophy in 2014.

Light haute-gastronomy at the N3Comfortably seated in the restaurant room with plum&pink colors, we invite you to discover culinary delicious suggestions, à la carte or in the menu. We will also make you discover our wine menu.
In summer you will appreciate to lunch on the spacious and sublime terrace park side. Sunny or shady tables welcome you in the garden, or opt for the private lounge for business lunches or intimate dinners, you have a king choice.

Draft Vichy Célestins mineral water

We will propose you a Vichy Célestins mineral water on draft served in elegant vintage glass bottle (available in the Boutique les Célestins). You will appreciate freshness and finesse of well-known water bubbles to make your lunch more digestive (thanks to bicarbonate)!

A firmly health salt mill!

Vichy salt is a mix of mineral salts provided from Vichy thermal springs and table salt (Nacl). It allows to diminish of 40% the quantity of table salt preserving a salt taste (Vetagro-Sup 2014 studies) and bringing a supplement of mineral salts. Salt mill available in the Boutique les Célestins.

Restaurant Le N3 menu

  • Menu Équilibre « Flavour, Pleasure & Health »

Starter + Main dish + Dessert: 39 € (a)

  • Menu « Retour du marché »

Starter + Main dish + Dessert: 48 € (a)

  • Menu Découverte on Chef inspiration with a season food product: 37 € (a)

(a) All our prices are net prices, per person, service including, excluding beverages and extra.
Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health. Alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.

Verdant and peaceful terrace of the gastronomic restaurant, le N3, in VichyThe restaurant's terrace is nestled in a verdant setting.

A perfect and refined setting, the terrace is nestled within the Napoléon III Park, approved “Remarkable trees” of France since 2010. The shaded table is elegantly set and is waiting to take you on a gourmet escapade in Auvergne, Vichy. The private salon will be an ideal setting for a private business lunch.

                                                                                                                              Wake up your senses in a haven of nature.

The plush and romantic atmosphere will make your romantic dinner an unforgettable occasion. Le N3 takes the Art of Well-being to new heights.

What is the origin of the restaurant’s name, Flavour, Pleasure and Health, Le N3?

The name features the letter "N" to the third power for New, Nutrition, and Natural. The name also recognizes Napoléon III, who contributed to the rise of the city of Vichy.

We inform our guests that animals are allowed in the hotel, not to the restaurant. Thank you for your understanding.