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  • A dietetic haven

Dietetic Restaurant

A gourmet dietetic restaurant

Le Célest Diet Club, a dietetic haven

Magnificent view of the Allier from Le Célest restaurant located on the 7th floor of the 5 star Hôtel CélestinsOn the beautiful Vichy terrace, the decor is subdued. On the 7th and highest floor of the Vichy Spa Hotel Les Célestins*****, the table is set and a richly colorful meal is served. With your view overlooking the Napoléon III Park and Lac d’Allier, lunch is an occasion marked by both pleasure and moderation.

Le Célest Diet Club has its winter quarters in Le Blue Note bar.

A richly colorful and flavorful menu

Every day on the menu of Le Célest: an elegant tray featuring a hot or cold soup as a starter, a large mixed salad, a fruit-based dessert and a bottle of Vichy Célestins water. All of it created by our Chef.

When you leave the table, you won't be feeling hungry since quantities are deliberately measured to ensure perfect satiation.

A specialist in dietetic recipes, his balanced cuisine is light and flavorful. In collaboration with the nutritionist physician of the Thermal Spa, the entire meal has been calculated, apportioned, and evaluated. In an uncompromising tribute to the motto "Flavor, Pleasure, and Good Health", Le Célest dietetic restaurant is your opportunity to experience a novel culinary philosophy that marries flavor and good health. The dietetic recipes have been approved by our experts in nutrition and balanced cuisine, so without worrying, you can let go and enjoy a meal that is good for your health.

Le Célest, dietetic restaurant "Célest Diet Club", 5 star Hôtel Les CélestinsTo facilitate meeting the needs of our guests who require personalized dietetic monitoring, all of their meals will be served at Le Célest, away from any temptations. There are no cheese trays or sugary or alcoholic beverages on the menu. Our guests are completely under our care, and they are supported in reaching their goals.

Whether indoors or outdoors in a bath of light, for your self-care, this extraordinary setting promises to share with you a veritable art of living.

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