Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins

The European reference in Thermal Spas.

7 500 m2 dedicated to your "health, beauty and wellbeing", a luminous open space of vast volumes and noble materials... Welcome to the largest Spa in Europe, awarded by the world spa awards as one of the three finest European "destination spa", labelled Spa A.

Vichy Thermal Spa les Célestins, in FranceThe Thermal Spa is connected to your hotel by an elegant passageway, directly accessible from your bedroom. Managed by health and beauty professionnals, it will be the focal point of your stay, enabling you to achieve your objectives.
Plunge into the heart of our unique mineral universe, rich with its 2 000 year-old history in Thermalism. The Thermal Spa treatments, beauty treatments and new technology treatments are dispensed on the two floors, reached by a panoramic lift or staircase. 
One floor, devoted to the "Signature" treatments based on Vichy Thermal waters (Vichy shower with 4 hand massage "L'ORIGINALE"...), is equipped with fitness and relaxation areas, a hammam with its ice foutain, three saunas, giant whirlpool bath, cardio and fitness rooms, a thermal water pool, a tea room where you can discover all the goodness of sparkling Vichy Célestins water on tap.
The second floor is home to the Pôle Santé, L'Institut des Laboratoires Vichy as well as numerous treatment cabins for beauty care, new technology treatments (Iyashi Dôme, Luxopuncture, BodySculptor...) and massages. Exceptional and efficient treatments for you to truly restore all your energies and to ensure long-lasting effects.

Seriously Thermal, Infinitely Spa.

Exclusive, efficient and innovative treatment protocols

Slimming, detox, therapy, vitality, wellness, Célestins complexion, prenatal, menopause, post-breast cancer... the treatments at the Vichy Spa Hotel Les Célestins satisfy all your expectations and needs. Everybody is perfectly in the know of the risks we run linked to stress, to a sedentary lifestyle, dietary imbalance, tobacco and alcohol abuse (cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, cancer risks...) and their results on our bell-being (fatigue, depression, burn-out...) and on our beauty (dull complexion, cellulite, wrinkles...).

However, being well informed doesn't neccessarily mean curbing the risk factors.
In order to preserve and optimize the physical and intellectual aptitudes of each individual, the Pôle Santé (doctors, nutritionists, gynecologists, physiotherapists,...) focus on global health. A healthy lifestyle and emotional well-being. Based on this global approach, a personal treatment programme is proposed at the Vichy Spa Hotel Les Célestins.
More than a simple cure, the Health, Beauty, Wellness treatment programmes consist of a consultation with our specialists, an adapted "pleasure and balance" diet, repeated "Signature" treatments ensuring genuine efficiency, specific treatments adapted to your nedds, adapted progressive and regular physical exercise and conferences.

In Vichy, "our guests are actors of their health"

In the 17th Century, Madame de Sévigné was already praising the virtues of the Vichy waters. Since then, our resort has been reputed as one of the finest thermal spa towns in the world for treating weight and diabetes problems.

The efficacy of our treatments is based on in-depth scientific studies. This notoriety enables us to welcome a high-end international clientele, attracted by the global approach to our Health, Wellbeing, Beauty and Form themes. Those who arrive here to recharge their energies come for the exceptional natural and cultural environment, to be cared for by the best medical, sports and nutrition experts grouped within the Pôle Santé Les Célestins. "Our hosts are an actor of their health", and the efficiency of our cures lies in the repetition of treatments over time, such is the adage of Jérôme Phelipeau, the CEO of the Compagnie de Vichy and his staff. This notion is at the heart of the Spa industry of tomorrow, and is closely linked to therapeutic education in nutrition and sport. His next challenge is to "pass on the savoir-faire of the Compagnie de Vichy", notably in regard to its concept, management and commercialisation of spas, hotels and resorts that offer high-end health stays. "Our development company, Vichy Spa International, is currently studying a dozen projects throughout the world. Two remarkable centres are to be opened in Montpellier and Qatar in 2014. Our goal is to open a dozen such centres in the years to come".