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Do you want to take control of your health?

Vichy Célestins on tapSlimming, detox, vitality, our exclusive spa treatments address all modern health issues. Any number of personalized programs are possible, based on the techniques used for specific treatment options, proper nutrition and physical exercise.

 Célest Minceur, our flagship program, is the most complete slim-down treatment program on the market, and it will allow you to initiate an encouraging, lasting weight loss during your stay in Vichy. Here are the key factors to your success: targeted, personalized treatments, personalized coaching by a team of nutrition, physical fitness, and psychological wellness experts within a luminous and spacious setting.

After your stay with us, we will help you achieve lasting results with our personalized coaching over six months through use of our website:

The Célest Détox is a real "return to nature", in the form of a detoxification treatment and body purification program. It mobilizes your body's oxygenation so you can quickly get back into shape and restore your energy. The objective is to drain and eliminate toxins and restore good blood and sub-cutaneous lymphatic circulation.

Célest Anti-stress will help you restore psychological and physical balance through restful retreat, so you can understand and address the origins of negative stress. It is based on generalized support and an individualized approach with health, wellness, and psychological specialists.

To get back into your best shape, there's nothing better than Célest Thérapies which concentrates on back pains or on rheumatology and on physical rehabilitation, depending on your needs.

Do you love to pamper yourself?

Vichy "L'ORIGINALE" shower with 4 hand massageAccording to the World Health Organization(WHO), "health is a complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being". Well-being is a feeling, a subjective evaluation. To help you experience this state of fulfillment, we have devised two exceptional treatment programs for you.

Célest Forme enlists all the properties of Vichy Célestins spring water by combining hydromassage thermal treatments, wraps, comfort massages, and fitness coaching sessions.

The Célest Impérial is a true à la carte program that allows you to freely devise the program that meets your needs, guided by our team of experts. This package includes twenty-four treatments spread out over six days, chosen according to your wishes and your objectives. Utilizing the latest technologies, this variety of options includes manual rub-downs, various Vichy spring water treatments, aesthetic treatments, and physical fitness coaching. Personalized assistance will let you optimize and adjust the program at any time.

Célest Sport puts the spotlight on physical exercise activities like golf, tennis, rowing, water skiing, etc., as part of a program you will find both relaxing and energizing.

How would you like to feel lighter? Don't hesitate to choose Célest-Douceur Active with its essential oils massages, its light legs and cryogenic treatments.

Would you like to take care of your beauty?

Facial treatment, Vichy beautyIn 1931, Doctor Haller discovered the therapeutic properties of the Lucas thermal water in Vichy. So he made what was a revolutionary decision for that time: create treatment options according to skin type, applying all the medical rigor associated with his training in dermatology. The Laboratoires Vichy were born. Starting in 1955, Vichy products were exclusively distributed in pharmacies: this was the start of dermo-cosmetics.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Vichy was the source of many patents and its scientific creativity was well-known. Today it is a universal and internationally known brand.

The treatment programs that we offer you at the Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins are ideal ways for you to benefit from our beauty expertise.

So, Célest Teint guarantees you luminous and sparkling skin in six days, thanks to the natural richness of the Vichy Célestins spring waters and the latest technological innovations in the dermo-cosmetic field.

How would you like a well-being getaway for a weekend or a short stay? Our weekend plans are perfect for you! Available starting from one night and one day of treatment, they can be freely arranged depending on your wishes to include treatments, coaching session, spa rituals, etc. Escapade Tonic, Escapade Zen, Escapade Beauté: the choice is yours.