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  • Personalize your "Thermal Spa hotel in France" stay

Personalize your "Thermal Spa hotel" stay

Your personalized stay: personalized, à la carte program with advisement, then coaching.

Would you like support in devising your personalized stay with us?

The high points

You will be supported throughout the duration of your personalized stay at the "Thermal Spa hotel". You will benefit from medical, dietetic, and fitness supervision. Receive a personalized nutritional diagnostic interview, an inventory, and "personalized" physical activity schedule. A wide array of signature beauty, massage and slimming treatment options. Cutting edge treatment techniques associated with the beneficial properties of the Vichy spring waters.

Great for your morale

Choose the program for your personalized stay with us. It's a must for the beauty treatments devised by the Laboratoires Vichy.

You have the possibility to devise a personalized nutritional program upon arrival. Arrival is possible any day.

Your personalized "Thermal Spa Hotel" stay.

Expert Consultations

  • 1 incoming medical consultation
  • 1 dietary consultation
  • 1 consultation with a physical fitness Coach, an evaluation, an oxygenation program, and a pedometer

Choose a program of 6 Signature treatment options including:

  • 1 hydromassage bath in thermal water with personalized essential oils
  • 1 vegeto-mineral body wrap
  • 1 thermal water Vichy "l'Originale" shower with 2 hand massage
  • 1 Jet Shower

Your choice of 6 beauty treatment options including:
It's a must (2 consecutive treatments)

  • 1 Dermoanalyser Skin diagnosis from the Laboratoires Vichy
  • 1 treatment by the Laboratoires Vichy, at l'Institut, determined following the skin diagnosis
  • 1 Personalized facial treatment
  • 1 Sublime Color Ritual
  • 1 Happy Body for women (Velvet Mother-of-Pearl Ritual)
  • 1 Flash Beauty

Your choice of 6 25-minute massages, including:

  • Massages for your well-being, relaxation, and invigoration.

6 Slenderness and Fitness treatment options, including

Free access to the physical fitness and relaxation facilities of the Thermal Spa.

à partir de€2,670

6 treatment days and 6 nights in half board, 27 treatments and prestations. Rate per person in Deluxe Room. Arrival every day in the week.

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