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Manual lymphatic drainage

Improve your body's elimination of waste.

Treatment performed by a physical therapist

This manual stimulation technique, introduced by Dr. Vodder (from Denmark) and elevated to prominence by Dr. Leduc (from Belgium) encourages the circulatory flow of fluids (lymphatic, interstitial liquid, etc.) and brings you relaxation and comfort.

Manual lymphatic drainage is performed by a state licensed physical therapist, and it stimulates the entire lymphatic system with very gentle pressure starting at the feet and moving progressively higher along the legs, the abdomen, and stomach up to the diaphragm. Its goal is to improve cleansing, detoxification, and unblocking of connective tissue and lymph nodes.

It is prescribed to treat physical discomfort (heavy legs, cellulite, recuperation for athletes, etc.) and for therapeutic purposes (lymphedema, mastectomy, post-trauma edema, some early stage algodystrophies, etc.).

60 mn€90

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