• Vegeto-mineral body wrap - Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins

Vegeto-mineral body wrap

Relaxing the muscles and remineralising.


Your body is enveloped in warm vegeto-mineral muds which maximise the absorption of the minerals and oligo-elements in the thermal water. Vichy thermal muds are composed of our own kaolin in combination with our thermal water.

The Thermal Pass is free when you spend € 40 or more on "à la carte" treatments. For every simultaneous purchase of 10 th identical treatments, the 10 th treatments is free.

Focus on how the vegeto-mineral muds are made

Produced in the area around Vichy, Vichy vegeto-mineral muds are the result of a slow soaking process, created from a base of white clay (kaolin) beds harvested locally and irrigated for more than a month by thermal mineral springs : Dômes spring (66 °C) and Lys (60.5 °C) spring. On the surface of the clay, colonies of blue algae, high in organic compounds, then appear spontaneously. The mixture is then blended in order to obtain a homogenized mud. A wonderful concentrate with active properties that are then unleashed into the body by contact with the skin !