• Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Rid your body of impurities and waste thanks to this exclusive Vichy treatment.

This technique is in some ways the modern version of the classic flush. This treatment was practiced by a number of ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians. This treatment involves intestinal instillation with Vichy thermal water with the goal of reactivating the intestines' motor functions. Draining the gall bladder and the intestines deep-cleans your organism and eliminates accumulated waste. Since it all happens in a "closed circuit," the colonic hydrotherapy process is completely odor-free.

This hydrotherapy treatment is accessible only by medical prescription and is performed in a dedicated treatment room in Thermes Callou, located 400 meters from the Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins. This procedure is therefore included in certain treatment programs (ex. : Detox) but is not marketed by the Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins.

The hydrotherapy of the colon is available from 03.02.2014 till 29.11.2014. You have the possibility of making a hydrotherapy of the colon or a massage with digestive aim (30 min - Physiotherapy).