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Group classes : Sport in the fitness room

Sculpt your body.


Group classes in the fitness room
From 1 to 15 people.

  • Bodysculpt : resculpts the whole body ;
  • Body top : intensively strengthens and tones waist, back and arms (30 min) ;
  • Biking : firm up buttocks and thighs and stimulate your heart rate on a bike ;
  • Fit Ball : fun and all-over figure remodelling with a Swiss Ball ;
  • Fit dance / Célest dance : discover different types of cardio fitness activities with music and straight-forward steps aerobics, step, dance and more, to have fun while you work out ;
  • Circuit training : a variety of workouts for developing overall strength and muscle tone ;
  • Gentle gym : a gentle and progressive return to exercise, adapted to the individual ;
  • Quick abdos : intensive strengthening of abdos ;
  • CAF : strengthens thighs, abdos and buttocks ;
  • TBF : strengthens and tones waist, arms and buttocks.


The Thermal Pass is free when you spend € 40 or more on "à la carte" treatments. For every simultaneous purchase of 10 th identical treatments, the 10 th treatments is free.