• Dietary consultation

Dietary consultation

A complete inventory to provide you with a personalized dietary program.

Consultation performed by a dietician from the Vichy Spa Hôtel Les Célestins*****.

Based upon the recommendations of the National Nutrition and Health Plan, the Vichy Spa Hôtel les Célestins***** is of course at the heart of this slimming plan.

At your first dietary consultation, the dieticians of the Thermal Spa will make a complete inventory: medical profile, weight "history", measurements of the body and flexibility, level of physical activity, and in-depth dietary survey.All of these elements are indispensable for prescribing you with a personalized nutritional program.

Our attention to your treatment extends even to your dining options, since Vichy restaurant chefs and hotel professionals propose dietetic menus that conform to the prescriptions made during your consultation. Our motto, "Food, Pleasure & Health," guarantees this demand, thereby fulfilling our pledge.

A personalized recommendation of tools to use is made during the consultation, according to your needs and objectives for the entire program, in order to optimize the benefits of your stay. Through conferences and workshops, our dietitians, culinary chefs, physical fitness coaches, psychologist and relaxation expert will provide you with the tools and techniques that respond to your daily concerns.

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