• Relaxation and well-being : giant hot tub of the Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins

Thermal Spa Pass

Wind down another notch in areas dedicated to your wellbeing and vitality.

Giant thermal water bath

Relax in this superb giant Vichy thermal water bath (34°C).


Purify your skin, clear your airways and unwind in purifying eucalyptus steam (45 °C to 50 °C). To get the best from your body scrub, we recommend a spell in the hammam before your treatment. Exfoliation is not allowed inside the steam room.


Eliminate the toxins then let your muscular tension melt away in the dry heat (70 °C to 90 °C) of one of our three saunas.

Ice fountain

When you come out of the steam room or the sauna, refresh your body with our fountain of fine ice. Rub your body to get that "polar" feeling. A genuine "thermal shock", its aim is to stimulate and get the circulation moving at the same time as giving your firmer skin !

Cold plunge pool

When you come out of the steam room or the sauna, refresh your legs for 5-10 minutes in this pool of water at 10 °C. The aim is to restart your blood flow to prevent heavy legs.

The Tea Room at Vichy Célestins

Herbal teas with beneficial qualities have been specially developed for the thermal Spa. Drink a herbal tea designed to meet your needs, in liaison with our treatment programme : digestive, slimming, aiding drainage, they also improve blood flow. Hydrate your body with Vichy Célestins water, available on draft.

Cardio-training room

Get fit in our free-to-use fitness room. A range of cardio and weight training equipment is at your disposal. A full sports outfit is required.

Useful Information

  • The Thermal Spa is not accessible to children under 16 years.
  • Discover the complete list of useful information (opening times...) by clicking on this link.