• Presentation of the Vichy Diet method

Vichy Diet Method by Internet

A genuine weight control coach to help you maintain or lose weight at home!

At the end of your stay when you have your final dietary consultation, the www.vichydiet.fr program expert will help the dietitian provide a nutritional plan you decide on together that meets your objective for weight maintenance or weight loss. Following your slimming spa treatment, you will have free access to this expert nutritional system (your personal file, recipes, question and answer space, etc.).

Following your slimming spa treatment, your Internet follow-up will be active for a period of six months. For this entire period, a qualitative and quantitative nutritional program adjustment can be made at any time. The frequency of monitoring is up to you. It can be daily or weekly, according to your own personal rhythm.

To encourage you, to help you make choices, and to provide you with nutritional information, emails are sent to you regularly during the entire period of your follow-up.