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"In Vichy become an actor of your health."
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  • Miss France: discover a holiday with friends in Vichy

Miss France: discover a holiday with friends in Vichy

"The former Miss France contestants decided to follow the new trend of the stars: a weekend of wellness and detox in Vichy ! 

If you're thinking of two young girls prancing around in bikinis in St. Tropez, well, you've got it all wrong. No. This summer, they decided to take off together for some self-indulgence in Vichy, far away from the glitz, glamor, and paparazzi. To get into shape for the season, they signed up for physical fitness, massage, a nutritional program, and girl time...


Watch the video from the 100 % Mag program!

Segment of the video from 100% Mag Report presented by Estelle Denis. The report was aired on August 22, 2011.