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"In Vichy become an actor of your health."
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  • Paris-Vichy, a destination but also a cake! Fabulous!

Paris-Vichy, a destination but also a cake! Fabulous!

"Do I dare to admit that it was a true return to the source, so to speak?

The missus had decided on a trip to get back into shape: physical fitness, nutritional program, and of course spa treatment! The program included an 8:00am departure every morning for an hour's jog on the banks of the Allier! The good life! Like a fool (!) I said no problem for the jogging, while my poor lady was really run through her paces! Oh, boy! Without training, the body can be quite unforgiving! … Then, while she enjoyed a swirling thermal bath treatment, I relaxed in the room.

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Cited from an article that appeared in the blog "Côté Maison". Article written by the "Chronique de Voltaire, le Yorkie trendy". Appeared: April 19, 2011