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"In Vichy become an actor of your health."
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IRON RECUP PACKAGE Optimize your muscle recuperation Discover our exclusive ironman recuperation treatment offer


You have managed to cross the finishing line of IRONMAN 2019 in the elegant "Queen of Water Cities": Vichy. VICHY CÉLESTINS THERMAL SPA offers a package under the sign of relaxation, pleasure, art and well-being.

Choose Iron RECUP package to be in the best possible conditions in the atmosphere of wellbeing and relaxation.

Recover your body after the IronMan 2019 thanks to specific care provided by our team for your muscle recovery.


"Sport means that, even in defeat, you win by practicing it."

(Nouredine Meftah)

Relaxation and rest are very important after the big competition, the body needs to be taken care of to be in good shape even after IRONMAN. The Iron Recup package, then makes sense. Benefit from a tailor-made health care and cooking program, born from the know-how of the Vichy thermal medicine for optimal recovery.


how to optimize your muscle recovery ? 


5 treatments for muscles recovery + Free Thermal Spa Pass !

€279 instead of €364 € + 1 treatment OFFERED ! 

For this event, the VICHY CÉLESTINS THERMAL SPA will welcome with great care some of these triathletes. Our team will provide them with specific care for their muscle recovery. Among these specific treatments there are a whole body Cryotherapy up to -185 ° C, Célestins muscle massage, Bol d’air Jacquier®. These treatments complement the therapeutic arsenal based on Vichy thermal water such as Hydromassage baths with soothing and mineralizing thermal water, anti-inflammatory phyto-mineral mud wrap, the Vichy thermal water shower and a 4 hand massage ..  Also discover a VIP area with Private Jacuzzi®!


(click on the picture below)

VICHY IRONMAN 2019 : 5TH edition

The first IRONMAN triathlon was held in Honolulu in February 1978 with 15 candidates. Since the IRONMAN World Championships are held annually in Hawaii. A major sports competition gathering the largest number of participants. Men and women surpass themselves physically and mentally by chaining three disciplines without rest: swimming, cycling and running.

Every year, since 2015, the city of Vichy hosts an event of international renown: the IRONMAN VICHY.

The triathletes will swim in Lake Allier (reservoir of water) for 3.8 km, they will conduct a cycling circuit of 2 loops of 90 km in the countryside with an exceptional view of the volcanoes of Auvergne and then finish by a 4-loop run around Lake Allier (about 42 Km).

The IRONMAN VICHY team and the athletes appreciate the city of Vichy for the unity of the places. Because everything is located at the Pierre Coulon Sports Center in Vichy, reachable in 5 minutes from the center of Vichy. The Omnisport Center offers a large car park and the Ironman Vichy team can offer the withdrawal of bibs, a village exhibition, the starting point of swimming, the closing of the event, etc.

During this summer, between August 24 and August 25, 2019, we will have the chance to welcome once again these triathletes of high level. The competition will be at the rendezvous, because the event will be qualifying for the 2019 World Championships. Professionals will be present!

The city of Vichy expects nearly 4,000 triathletes and more than 2,000 volunteers during these 2 days of racing.




 PHONE : +33(0)4 70 30 82 35


Detail of your stay

accommodation & meal

Triathletes will have the pleasure of tasting the acid-base and mineralising benefits of Vichy Célestins mineral water, ideal for athletes (bicarbonate naturally buffers lactic acid). Served on draft or served in "Signature" health cocktails at the Blue Note bar and used in vegetable cooking water at the N3 restaurant, Vichy Célestins mineral water can be enjoyed in many forms!

treatments programme

Prepare your body at best for IronMan 2019 thanks to specific care provided by our team for your sports preparation but also your muscle recovery.

  • 2 Bol d'air Jacquier® sessions: natural cell oxygenation through sessions of inhaling the active ingredient of pine resin. Facilitates muscle recovery, reduces stress, improves concentration and sleep quality.
  • 1 whole body Cryotherapy up to -185°C >> DISCOVER THIS TREATMENT ON VIDEO ! : whole body cryotherapy significantly has a number of effects, such as improving blood circulation problems, sleep problems, anxiety, excess weight, asthma... It also relieves rheumatic pain, acting as an anti-inflammatory. Used widely in sports for preparation, recuperation and traumatology.
  • 1 Célestins Muscle Massage : this deep massage undoes muscle knots and reduces muscle tension. Tones and revitalises.
  • 1 Satisform® session: complete rebalancing of the body schema. Ideal for back ache and arthritis. Real anti-ageing ! Relaxation and pain relieving care treatments for joints (vertebrae, pelvic region, hips and knees). For people practising sports, helps with preparation and recuperation through improved mobility, suppleness and increased energy levels!
  • 1 Light legs ritual: a foot bath followed by mechanical leg pressotherapy for lymph drainage, followed by a cryo wrap. The stimulating and firming effect makes your legs feel lighter and improves vein circulation.
  • 1 Blitz or Lymph drainage shower session OFFERED ! 
  • 1 Thermal Spa Pass OFFERED !



 PHONE : +33(0)4 70 30 82 35


Discover the benefits when you opt for an IronMan recuperation package at VICHY CÉLESTINS THERMAL SPA:

  •  1 Blitz or Lymph drainage shower with Vichy Thermal water OFFERED this blitz shower of thermal water follows precise movements over the body to improve muscle tone. Depending on the water pressure, the shower focuses on relaxation, circulation or drainage.
  •  1 Thermal Spa Pass OFFERED : Giant Vichy thermal water pool, naturally warm at around 34°C for relaxation; Turkish Baths & Saunas to eliminate toxins ; An ice flake fountain to stimulate your skin after a spa care treatment ; Cold water bath for lighter legs ; Drain and hydrate with ORGANIC herbal teas and Vichy Célestins mineral water available on tap ; Cardio training area to revitalise your body at your own pace.



PRICE PER PERSON. Best available rate : IRON Recup package, without accommodation and meal, €279 instead of €364 per person. Contact us for further information and booking.



 TELEPHONE : +33(0)4 70 30 82 35

Discover also our exclusive offer of treatments for Vichy IronMan 2019 with IRON PREPA PACKAGE