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"In Vichy become an actor of your health."

The Naudot wine cellars

Our partner, The Naudot wine cellars

Passion for wine and the people who make it. I created my company "The Naudot wine cellars" in 2006 in Gannat (Allier) and I just opened up another wine cellar in Aigueperse (Puy de Dôme). I specialize in authentic products and steer clear of marketing clichés. It's wine drinking pleasure first. You will start out with the discovery of our local delicacies and country specialties. I am your distributor, adviser, explorer, and bridge-builder between the consumer and the vintner. And the only criteria for selection is your ENJOYMENT...

Wine Club

Try them all at your own pace. You'll learn the secrets of the nectar of our grapes and discover the pleasure of wine tasting in a fun and convivial way.

Words in wine...

Here are a few quotes on wine and the world of the vineyards.

This is a sacred drink that dates back thousands of years and yet remains as enigmatic today. It has inspired so many that it would be simply unrealistic to try to list them all here.

Because wine is one of the languages of life, it is worthwhile to enjoy words that our greatest voices uttered out of common appreciation for the mysteries of wine, which represents in religion (in the etymological sense of the term: linking men) the blood of Christ, and so many other things... Here are a few of those words for you to contemplate and, I'll say it this once, enjoy without worrying about consuming in moderation!

From Raymond Devos :
"When driving, I avoid bottlenecks by following the atlas of fine wines."

From Marcel Aymé :
"You can hate carrots, salifies, or the skin on scorched milk. But wine? You might as well hate the air you breathe, since both are equally indispensable."

From Philippe Bouvard :
"I understood that I had accepted my mortality the day I started drinking my old Bordeaux"

From Jean Gabin :
"I'll start drinking milk the day cows start eat grapes"

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Address 7 avenue Jean-Jaurès - 03800 Gannat - France