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"In Vichy become an actor of your health."

Vichy Aeroclub

Vichy Aeroclub : first flight, initiation flight, pilot training...

Vichy Aeroclub, 100 years of history

The Vichy Aeroclub has celebrated 100 years of existence. It was created in 1909 by Mr. Joseph Aletti.

The first commercial landing at the Vichy/Charmeil aerodrome took place in 1954; at that time daily commercial flights linked Vichy to North Africa by Air France and Air Algérie.

The relocation of the Rhue Club to Charmeil was completed in May, 1965, a month before the Aeroclub organized the world Festival of aeronautical and space films.

On this occasion, two Soviet astronauts, Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Komarov, came aboard Club aeroplanes piloted by Chief Robert Dal Lago and veteran Henri Péquet (license n° 88) respectively. Special mention should be made of the exceptional destiny of the latter. He trained the pilots of the Tsar of all the dominions of Russia during the First World War.

Shortly before, Henri Péquet had inaugurated the world's first ever air mail transport to Allahabad in India.

Discover the activities offered by the Vichy Aeroclub

  • Travel: take off for a voyage to the seaside, take a tour over the capital, fly to Corsica, etc.
  • Night flight: manned aircraft.
  • Pilot training: take over command of an aeroplane accompanied by a skilled flight instructor.
  • Take your first flight: soar over the magnificent landscapes of Auvergne. Flight arranged for a minimum of 3 people (20, 25 or 30 minute flight).
  • Flight school : learn to fly a plane with a qualified professional instructor.
  • Also, starting in August, 2008, the Aeroclub offers handicapped people a plane adapted with hand controls, so they too can achieve the dream of flight like Icarus...
Telephone +33(0)4 70 59 88 28
Address 03110 Charmeil - France