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"In Vichy become an actor of your health."

Vichy Diet

Vichy Le Diet, méthode exclusive pour préserver votre capital santé

A team of dietitians work with you

Its role is not just to work with you to help you reach your weight loss or weight maintenance objectives, it is also here to provide you with the keys to better nutrition for a longer and more tranquil life.

Your stay in Vichy is your opportunity to take care of the Resource that is your Good Health.

Vichy Diet, by Le Diet

Thanks to the method developed by le Diet, our dietitians possess the best technology to ensure that during your stay and also when you return home, for a minimum period of 6 months, you work with an individually tailored inventory designed for your empowerment.

The Slim Down program, instituted in 2006, resulted in the development of the Le Diet personalized slimming assistance tool. It includes Internet support for 6 months.

Its goal is to provide you with "coaching" to empower you in the slimming process, when your treatment begins, throughout treatment, and after your treatment as well. When it comes to weight loss, time and will power make all the difference!

As your stay comes to an end, and in your final dietetic consultation, the Vichy Diet program by Le Diet for slimming, allows the dietitian to provide you with a nutritional plan adapted to your weight loss or weight maintenance objectives.

Following treatment, you may use an access code to have free access to your expert nutrition system on the Internet :

Throughout this period, a qualitative and quantitative adjustment to your nutritional program is possible at any time! The frequency of tracking is left up to you, whether it is daily or weekly, depending on the rhythm of your own life. Encouraging messages from our dietitians and your nutritional information will be sent to you regularly throughout the monitoring period.

"To slim down, you have to have the desire to change your physical and nutritional behavior, and that desire has to be sustained. Life's unpredictable moments, passing time, and upsetting events can lead us to slip in certain situations. Thus, you need a solid anchor, and to reach your objective, your desire to slim down has to be able to resist every weakness. Change in habits, education, identifying new milestones are all specific parts of the Slimming Down program in Vichy, and they will help you achieve results during treatment and continue to make progress after the treatment is over" (quote by the Dietitians of the Centre Nutritionnel de Vichy).

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Address 111 Boulevard des Etats-Unis - 03200 Vichy - France